About us

ALCACOR is built with great passion for the direct selling industry and the people involved. Using blockchain technology to tackle past challenges, we are reshaping and reclaiming the industry that we love.


We are building and sharing with the community – transparent and trustworthy. By leveraging blockchain technology and web3 concepts we deliver the next level of direct selling platforms. But not just connecting brands and customers – we are building an ecosystem full of different modules, providing opportunities that will shape and define the economy of the future, thanks to the massive potential of NFTs.


It’s our Vision to become the pioneers and market leaders in Web3 multi-level marketing by fundamentally changing the direct selling industry by tackling past challenges. ALCACOR is building a decentralized and fair network where members control their data, connections, and destiny.

core values

Our values serve as a guide for our actions and describe how we behave:


ALCACOR is, first and foremost, a product of our genuine passion for the direct selling industry and the people it touches. We put our heart and soul into ensuring not only the long-term success of our industry but of every single one of our members.

We are promoting a positive, energizing and optimistic environment for our members. Complacency is not an option – we want to relentlessly develop and perfect our performance. We are tenacious & persistent at all times.


ALCACOR knows that our success is a direct reflection of the success of our community. So when it comes to ownership, payments, or earning opportunities, we are committed to sharing the benefits fairly with everyone involved. We understand that actions speak louder than words. Our members rely on us doing exactly what we say we are going to do. Our commitment is unquestionable. We remember that trust is built over time. Consistent quality in everything we do is needed to maintain it.

Community Driven

ALCACOR’s commitment to empowering the community is reflected in everything we do – from the decentralized tech we choose to the ownership structure we enforce and the premium earning opportunities we offer.

We always focus on longterm solutions that will bring the company and the community forward. We will be here in 50 years from now, remaining relevant, ensuring that our community is up to date with the latest trends and services but also staying abreast of technological changes.

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