• Launch Alpha Version
  • Start Pioneer Phase
  • Road Shows
  • Leader Workshops
  • Scale Up Phase starting
  • Launch Alca Mind
  • Launch Alca AMP
  • Swap Alca Points
  • Release New Packages
  • New Courses Released in Alca Mind
  • Additional Partnerships Announced for Alca Amp
  • Launch of Product Rewards NFT Dashboard
  • First Project-Presentations Alca Tank
  • Community Interaction for Alca World
  • First Project Presentations Alca Tank
  • SWAP Promotion Kick Off
  • New Courses Released in Alca Mind
  • New Project-Presentations Alca Tank
  • First Experience Productions Alca World
  • Full Launch of Alcacor 360 Economy / Eco System
  • Land Pre-Sale in Alca World
  • New Project-Presentations Alca World
  • Next Experience Productions Alca World

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