Pioneer phase

The only time to become an NFT-based co-owner of ALCACOR!

Don’t wait on the sidelines. As a visionary pioneer, you should start now and profit from the long-term success of ALCACOR.

Pioneer pack

PIONEER PACK is giving you access to the best vouchers and the most exclusive NFTs

You will receive Free Promotional Products once you have accumulated 2000 CV

basic pack

BASIC PACK is a great starting point. Generate first experiences and upgrade later

You will receive the Free Promotional Products once you have accumulated 150 CV

Pioneer phase
compensasion plan

Let’s make some money now! The most amazing compensation plan ever.

Built on a Unilevel Compensation Plan

No Income Cap

Residual Income

Pool Sharing

Reward NFTs

10% direct
sales bonus

10% fast
start bonus

37% unilevel

Pioneer pack free promotions

The only chance to get access to these NFT’s is during the Pioneer Phase. Don’t miss out!

Only influencers that have generated 2,000 CV will receive those free promotional products.

assets nft

Member owned

50% of the company will be owned by the members through Asset Linked NFTs

Profit sharing (dividend rights) & value increase of NFT

Earn as many Alca Points during the Pioneer Phase and Swap them later into the Alacor Asset NFT

genesis nft

Limited Supply

Only the first 20,000 ALCACOR Members receive the NFT

There are only 24442 Kindeck Genesis NFTs in total ever.

Alca world
reward nft

App Store of Web3

Only for the first 100’000 Pioneer Pack buyers

Lifetime profit sharing & Alca World pre-sale rights

A unique opportunity to own part of all future profits of the Alca World

Don’t miss out!

The Pioneer Phase is the most rewarding period ever. Start your WEB3 journey today, prepare for the future and build your infrastructure